Crosville Service Numbers

1959 - 1986

Service Numbers 1959 - 1986

The table below is a list of the service numbers used from July 1959, when this new system was introduced.

The route numbers prior to 1959 can be found <<HERE>>

The list only shows the route numbers used until 1986 when de-regulation and the split in the company began. However in many areas these service numbers continued - although over a period of time changes were made and very often the prefix letter disappeared.

This list is not intended to be a comprehensive history of Crosville services. In a number of cases the routes, intermediate points, places served and even the starting and finishing points would have varied and all changes are not necessarily recorded below. There are also known to be a number of omissions and gaps in the information provided. Hopefully the list gives an idea of the scope of the services provided.

A great debt is owed to David Cunningham who devoted considerable time to documenting Crosville routes/service history and his work has enabled this list to be produced. Peter Thorley and Tony Moyes are also thanked for their considerable contribution in providing the information below.

The column on the right in ORANGE BOLD is an indication of the route number that would have been used in 1947 so includes the suffixes that disappeared a few years later. The route number used immediately before the change in 1959 would have been that shown without the suffix.

The expression '≤1959' means that the service would have existed at or before the change of service numbers in the summer of 1959 and '≥1986' means that the service would have lasted until at least 1986 (time of de-regulation of services and the beginning of the split of Crosville - see <<TIMELINE>> for more details)

Route Numbers INDEX

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A – Flint


B - Mold


C - Chester


D - Wrexham, Johnstown, Oswestry and Corwen


E - Until 1972 – Wrexham Local Services

– post 1972 services gained from North Western


F - Wirral


G - Wrexham area works and school services


H - Liverpool and Warrington


J - Runcorn


K - Crewe


L - Limited Stop


M - Rhyl, Llandudno, Denbigh and Llanrwst


N - Bangor, Anglesey and Caernarfon


P - Additional routes Rhyl and Llandudno area


R - Porthmadog and Pwllheli


S - South Cambria – Aberystwyth, Machynlleth and Dolgellau


T - Runcorn Busway


V - Routes inherited from Vaggs - Oswestry area


X - Express Services


Numbers only - Mainly jointly run services