Crosville Wales Fleet Allocations

1986 - 1998

With thanks to Noel Reed I have been able to scan a number of the monthly allocation sheets that were produced by Crosville Wales. The data has been processed and placed in a spreadsheet which is available at the link below.

This spreadsheet has 5 separate sheets (pages). They can be accessed by using the tabs and have the following names :-

By Fleet No. : In the first column is a list of every fleet number known for the Crosville Wales fleet.

They are grouped by -

double deckers,

single deck service vehicles,

minibuses ,

coaches (including everything that had coach seats even though used for service work),

lastly auxiliary vehicles in the order of former buses converted to a service vehicles and then others such as cars and vans.

The first two rows will show the year / period of the allocation sheet. Hopefully you will then be able to navigate within the spreadsheet and for each vehicle follow its allocation. Navigation appears to depend on the browser being used. Codes are used for the depots which as explained below are in a seperate sheet.

By Depot: Again the first two rows are the year / period of the allocation. Underneath is a list of the depots in the alphabetic order of the codes with the vehicles that were allocated to the depot.

Fleet details: This sheet shows details for each of the vehicles

Depot Codes: This shows the list of depots and the codes used.

Inc Reg Nos: This sheet is similar to the 'By Fleet No.' but also included is the known registration number and the dates of arrival into the fleet and out. AC indicates that the vehicle was still in the fleet when the company name changed to Arriva Cymru in April 1998

This is an experimental method of presenting such interesting information. Feedback of use of this spreadsheet will always be welcome.

The spreadsheet will open in a new tab / window

- <<LINK to Spreadsheet>>