Crosville Wales

Fleet History

1986 - 1998

The Fleet History that appears below is intended to list all the buses and coaches that Crosville Wales operated. The list starts in September 1986 after the split from Crosville Motor Services Limited and the new company name was used. The list concludes in April 1998 when the name of the company changed to Arriva Wales Limited.

  • This list does not inlude allocations - however there is information of the allocations of the Crosville Wales fleet at <<Crosville Wales Fleet Allocations>>

  • The list is in the following order. For each year the first to appear are vehicles purchased new in fleet number order, then vehicles transferred to the fleet (from take overs or group restructures etc), next will be vehicles purchased second hand and lastly vehicles loaned. Except in the case of new vehicles the vehicles will be grouped by the date of the event (transfer, purchase etc) and then by fleet number.

  • The list includes vehicles known to be loaned to the company that were used. Not included at the moment are demonstrators used by the company.

  • The list does not include vehicles acquired from take overs etc that were not issued with a fleet number and/or those that appear not to have been used.

  • All fleet numbers that have been used are shown in the same column.

  • It has not been possible to include subsequent history of the vehicle having left Crosville Wales. This information can be obtained by consulting the PSV Circle Publications [PC27] Alternatively histories may be able to be obtained from the software application Bus View - <<LINK to BusData Website>>

  • The last main column is the date of withdrawal or if this is not known the date of sale. Some of these dates are approximate.

  • On the right hand of the main list are some additional columns. To view these it may be necessary to scroll the screen depending on the browser being used. These columns include - Chassis numbers, body numbers, in the case of transferred vehicles from Crosville Motor Services Limited there is column to show the date the vehicles entered the CMS fleet. and a sequential number. The sequential number has been assigned for the purposes of this list. These sequential numbers may change as amendments to this list occur.

  • Sources for this list included the following :-

PSV Circle publication PC27,

the website Bus Lists on the Web { },

Crosville 3: The Successors 1986-2001 {Duncan Roberts} and lastly

the software application BusView produced by BusData Limited <<LINK to BusData Website>>.

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Crosville Wales