Depots E - J

Ellesmere Port

Bus Station, Marina Parade / Wellington Road (rear of Market), Ellesmere Port

Bus Station opened in September 1962  - used as overnight parking area from 1972 until April 1974

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Leedhams Coaches, Crescent Road, Ellesmere Port

from April 1974 until about 1977

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Rail Station Yard, Ellesmere Port

from about 1977 until about 1979

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New Bus Station, Wellington Road, Ellesmere Port L65 OAP

from about 1979 until October 1984

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Meadow Lane, Ellesmere Port CH65 4EH

from October 1984 until February 1990

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In September 1962 a bus station was established on Marina Parade, Wellington Road, Ellesmere Port.  From 1972 Crosville began using this site for overnight parking of buses.  This was an out-station of Rock Ferry.  This old bus station was situated where the Port Arcades currently stands.

A new Bus Station was built in 1974 at an adjoining site to the former Bus Station and the overnight parking of buses moved to the premises of Leedhams Coaches on Crescent Road. At the same time the out-station at Ellesmere Port became part of the Chester depot.

From 1977 to 1979 the Rail Station Yard became the outstation until 1979 when the buses began to be parked overnight in the new Bus Station on Wellington Road.  This arrangement lasted until 1984 and then premises on Meadow Lane were used until February 1990. 

Etruria, Stoke-on-Trent

Garner Street, Etruria, Stoke-on-Trent. ST4 7BH        

from December 1987 until November 1989

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In December 1987 premises in Garner Street, Etruria, Stoke-on-Trent became an out-station of the Crewe depot.  Crosville buses had previously been based within the P.M.T depot in Newcastle-under-Lyme from 1932 but P.M.T. ended the arrangement.  Until this Etruria site was found there were  temporary arrangements where the buses concerned used premises in Madeley.

The Etruria premises remained in use by Crosville until November 1989 when the depot at Crewe and the out-station were taken over by Midland Red North.


Holywell Road, Flint  CH6 5RR

from March 1937 until April 1981

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Building of the depot in Flint began in 1936 and it opened in March 1937.  It was originally intended that the depot would be in the town near the Railway Station but appropriate property could not be acquired.  It was located about a mile away from Flint Town Centre.

The allocation to the depot in 1947 was 47, in 1956 - 48, in 1965 - 43 and in 1970 - 32.

The depot closed in April 1981 and the work and crews moved to other depots including Rhyl and Chester.  An outstation was initially established in Holywell and this later moved to Bagillt and then Greenfield.

The building in Holywell Road was demolished and the site is now used as a small out of town retail unit.


Telegraph Road, Heswall L60 OAL        

from January 1924 until September 1988

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In January 1924 Crosville purchased the business of Johnny Pye.  With the business and buses there was a plot of land in Heswall that also transferred to Crosville.  Very shortly after purchase a new depot and Bus Station was built on this land in Telegraph Road.

The allocation in 1947 was 27, in 1956 it was 32, in 1959 - 33, in 1965 - 33 and in 1970 - 26.  

The depot closed on 4th September 1988 and buses transferred to Rock Ferry and West Kirby.  The depot premises was demolished and there now stands on this site a public house called the 'Johnny Pye'.  

The Bus Station also closed in 1988 was but was eventually re-developed on the same site.


Victoria Road, Rhos-y-Gaer LL65 2HW        

from November 1929 until June 1992 (after transfer to Crosville Wales) 

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The Holyhead depot came to Crosville on the purchase of Mona Maroon (Holyhead Motors Limited) in November 1929.  The premises was substantially revamped in 1983.

The allocation between 1947 and 1970 varied between 9 and 14 vehicles. 

The depot passed to Crosville Wales in September 1986 and it became an outstation of Bangor by November 1991.

The premises at Rhos-y-Gaer closed in June 1992 and the out-station was transferred to the Holland Park Industrial Estate.

The Rhos-y-Gaer premises was empty for a while, then became a car / van rental premises and in 2010 it became the depot for Goodsir Coaches.


Phillips Coaches, Brynford Street, Holywell. CH8 7RD        

from May 1981 until December 1992 (after transfer to Crosville Wales)

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Following the closure of Flint depot in April 1981 an out-station was established in Holywell at the premises of Phillips Coaches in Brynford Street. 

The out-station was retained on the transfer to Crosville Wales in September 1986.  It was moved to premises in Bagillt in December 1992 following dis-agreements between the two firms.  However Crosville Wales moved their out-station back to Phillips' premises in February 1996 but by then the main Phillips Coaches depot had moved to Greenfield.


Maelor Road, Johnstown, Wrexham        

from May 1933 until May 1972

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The Johnstown depot in Maelor Road was initially built as a tram depot for the Wrexham and Electric Tramways Limited who ran trams between Rhosllanerchrugog and Wrexham. The tram service closed in March 1927 and by that time the company had become Wrexham and District Transport Company Limited and they had established a large network of bus routes.  The tram depot in Johnstown subsequently became a bus depot. Initially it was used to house buses used for the colliery workers at Hafod and Bersham, but later became a base for all types of services. The company became Western Transport and their buses, routes and depots came under the wing of Crosville in May 1933.

The allocation in 1947 was 19, 1956 - 20, 1959 - 21, 1965 - 20, 1970 - 17.  Due to the limitation on the capacity of the depot at certain times buses were also parked overnight at a nearby location. (see photo  and   Map link  )

Throughout the life of the depot until the building was demolished signs of the old tramway line into the depot could be seen.

The depot closed in May 1972 and remained empty for a period.  It then became a depot for a local haulier (S E Jones of Acrefair).  It was demolished in 2007 and houses now stand on the site.