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Welcome / (Croeso) to my Crosville website brought to you by the webmaster of Ronsbusesandcoaches

Crosville was an iconic company with a fascinating history and has had a mammoth following from enthusiasts and transport historians. Its territory extended throughout North, Mid and parts of West Wales together with Cheshire, significant parts of Merseyside, South Lancashire, Shropshire and Staffordshire.  

Pages have been devised that will hopefully be of interest to all who visit this web site.

The web owner not only had the privilege of working for the company as a seasonal conductor and driver for a period of four years but also had the pleasure of being conveyed to and from school in a variety of Crosville buses over a number of years. The web owner has therefore a great soft spot and nostalgia for the company.

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** A potted history of Crosville from its inception  in 1906 until 1990 in the form of a Timeline **

** A full list of every vehicle believed to have been operated by Crosville **

** Details of the four systems used by Crosville for Fleet Numbering **

** Details of the two main route numbering systems used **

** A list of all the Services operated between 1959 and 1986 **

** A list of the old service numbers used before 1959 **

** Over 200 timetables to view **

** A section listing details of all the Crosville depots and out-stations used  **

** A page devoted to the ancillary Vehicles used by Crosville **

** A review of Crosville in the Mold, Holywell and Deeside areas **

** A review of Crosville in the Wrexham area **

** A review of Crosville in the Rhyl, Prestatyn and Denbigh areas **

** A special page looking at the role Crosville played with the Loggerheads Country Park **

** Potted history of Crosville Wales in the form of a timeline **

** Full list of every vehicle believed to have been operated by Crosville Wales **

** Details of the allocations of each Crosville Wales vehicle **

**  Details of Crosville Wales depots and sub-depots **

** Over 30 Crosville Wales timetables to view **

** The Crosville name was resurrected in Weston-super-Mare for a short period of some 7 years - this page tells the story **

**  Details of the family "Crosland Taylor" that was fundamental to the start, development and success of Crosville**

** The story of the premises  occupied in Chester as Head Office and Central Engineering Works**

** Summers on the Buses  -  My wonderful memories of the four summer seasons during 1969 to 1972 when I worked as a conductor and a driver on the buses at Rhyl and Denbigh**

** Diary of a Crosville Scheduler - Bob Hardy was a Scheduler for Crosville at Chester.  During that period he helpfully kept a diary of the changes that occurred with the services in that area.  **

Crosville Enthusiasts' Club (1967)

The web owner is a pleased to be an active member of the Crosville Enthusiasts' Club.  The Club produces a monthly magazine called the 'Review' which includes interesting articles on Crosville and also looks in detail at the current scene of service and vehicle news of the successor operators and others covering the previous operating area of Crosville.  The Club also organises tours (pandemics allowing) normally using vintage vehicles and these tours often visit former Crosville Routes long abandoned.

If you are interested in joining please visit the Club's website <<Crosville-Enthusiasts.Club>>.


In the research for these pages reference was made to various books listed below for which acknowledgement is readily and gratefully made.  The pages in the website are not a full account of Crosville (or other bus and coach operators) and visitors to these pages may wish to consult some of these books for more details.

Crosville - The Sowing and The Harvest  ---  W J Crosland Taylor   (written by a member of the founding family)

State Owned Without Tears    ---  W J Crosland Taylor  (The Story of Crosville 1948-1953)

Crosville Part 1 - The First 40 Years  ---  Carroll and Roberts

Crosville Motor Services 2:  1945 - 1990  --- Duncan Roberts

Crosville 3: The Successors 1986-2001 --- Duncan Roberts

A Fleet history of Crosville Motor Services Ltd and its predecessors Part 1 (1910-1948)  --- The PSV Circle  [PC30]

Fleet History of Crosville Wales Limited --- The PSV Circle  [PC27]

(Also earlier versions of the PSV Circle publication were consulted including  [PC8]  1935-1952  and [PC15]  1953-1981)

Crosville on Merseyside --- T B Maund FCIT

A History of Crosville Motor Services --- R C Anderson

Crosville Motor Services 1911-1990  --- The Local Transport History Library <<available to download from>>

Within the pages in this website are links to further pages to some of the firms that were bought out by Crosville. Further details of a number of these can be found in my original website of 

Two of the major firms in North East Wales were

Western Transport (Wrexham area) and     <<LINK>>    

White Rose / Brookes Bros (Rhyl area).    <<LINK>>

I have a FLICKR site with a number of photographs of Crosville vehicles <<here>>