The Crosland Taylor Family

The company Crosville was intertwined to one family and this page offers some background information on the members of that family that were involved with Crosville.

George Crosland TAYLOR

Born 31 January 1858 (near Huddersfield)

Died 12 January 1923

Married Mary Radford in Kirk Langley, Derbyshire in 1884 and had three sons Edward Crosland, Claude Crosland and Winthrop James (Jim) Crosland and three daughters Margaret Crosland, Alma Mary Crosland and Christine Crosland.

Known as Crosland. (Name given being the maiden name of his mother)

With younger brother James formed company G C Taylor & Co. With other partners this company became Telegraph Manufacturing Limited. The company was initially based in Neston but moved to Helsby and became the British Insulated and Helsby Cable Company Limited. In 1940s this company merged with a company formed by Tom Callender to become the British Insulated and Callender’s Cable Company Limited (B.I.C.C).

Was appointed Justice of the Peace for the City of Chester in 1899

Started business of Crosville in 1906 and formed company Crosville Motor Company Limited initially with view of constructing motor vehicles. Bus services started in 1911 as an additional element of the firm and this gradually became the most important and profitable part of the business.

Until his death in 1923 he remained Chairman of Crosville Motor Company Limited which developed as a significant bus company. His three sons also made an important and substantial contribution to the success and achievements of the business.

Mary TAYLOR (nee Radford)

Born 1860 (approx)

Died 9 December 1932

Married George ‘Crosland’ Taylor in 1884 and they had the following family:-

Margaret Crosland born 19 July 1885 - died 5 March 1946 (married Elliot SEABROOK 1912)

Edward Crosland born 21 June 1887 - died 22 February 1960

Claude Crosland born 29 September 1889 - died 31 March 1935

Alma Mary Crosland born 6 March 1893 - died 21 Novemeber 1967 (married John de SEYFRIED 1919)

Winthrop James Crosland born 16 August 1894 - died 4 October 1967

Christine Crosland born 1 October 1897 - died 27 December 1965 (married Robert SYMMS 1939)

Mary joined the board of Crosville Motor Company Limited in 1924 until its sale to LMS in 1929

Edward Crosland TAYLOR

Born 21 June 1887

Died 22 February 1960

Assisted his father ‘Crosland’ in the formation of Crosville.

Became General Manager of Crosville in June 1909 and became a Director of the company in September 1910

Was replaced by younger brother (Claude) on CMS board in April 1911

In 1911 emigrated to Massachusetts in the United States having made a visit in the summer of 1910. Married Ethel Sparks in October 1911 shortly after his arrival in America.

Claud Crosland TAYLOR

Born 29 September 1889

Died 31 March 1935

Worked in the Tyre Section of British Insulated Cables until 1911

Following the emigration of his brother Edward to the USA replaced him on board of Crosville Motor Company in April 1911

With the assistance of his younger brother, Jim, developed and expanded Crosville Motor Company (see Timeline) into one of the largest independent bus companies.

The company was sold to the London Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS) in 1929 and Claude was retained by the new owners to run the business.

In March 1935 he suffered with appendicitis which shortly afterwards developed into peritonitis and he died as a result at the age of 45.

Winthrop James Crosland TAYLOR

Born 16 August 1894

Died 4 October 1967

Known by friends as ‘Jim’. He also used the surname Crosland-Taylor

Served in the Royal Marines during the Great War and was awarded the Military Cross

Joined Crosville at the age of 24 in January 1919 as a Traffic Superintendent at Nantwich.

Appointed as a Director of the Crosville Motor Company Limited in October 1919

Appointed as General Manager of Crosville March 1935 following the death of his brother Claude.

In 1948 he was appointed to the board of Crosville Motor Services Limited

Retired from Crosville December 1959

Alma Mary Crosland TAYLOR

Born 6 March 1893

Died 21 November 1967

One of the first buses operated by Crosville was named ‘Alma’ in 1911. It is believed that this was named after this daughter of 'Crosland' when she was 18 years old.

She became a shareholder of the company shortly before the company was sold in 1929.