Crosville Ancillary Vehicles

During the lifetime of Crosville there were well over 400 vehicles utilised that supplemented the work of the main bus and coach fleet. These vehicles ranged from recovery vehicles, training vehicles, vans, lorries, fuel tankers, tree loppers, mobile offices, staff cars and a number of other functional vehicles.

Some of the ancillary vehicles were former buses and coaches converted for the purpose but a number of them were purchased often new as cars, vans, lorries etc.

The ancillary vehicles were normally identified by a fairly simple system that was used for most of the history of the company. Normally the letter 'A' was used in association with a double digit number. Normally the 'A' would follow the number but at times it would precede the number. The numbers allocated were recycled and therefore a number of vehicles have carried the same ancillary number. Following the changes made to the fleet numbering system in 1958 described at <<Fleet Numbering>> a former bus used as an ancillary vehicle would have its bus fleet number but without the first two alpha characters.

e.g. when Bristol K6B DKB274 (FFM445) was converted to a tree lopper in 1959 it became B274.and when Bristol MW6G EMG581 (HFM581D) became a tow bus in May 1982 it became G581.

The list that appears below is unfortunately not complete at this stage and contains a number of omissions. I am grateful to Merfyn Jones who has kindly supplied a large amount of the information below. Other sources have been used including the PSV Circle PC30 publication and those books mentioned on the home page of this website.

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