Depots K - L


An unknown location 

from May 1925 until April 1926 and during part of 1933

Evans Motors, The Filling Station, Cwmann, Lampeter. SA48 8EL            

from April 1972 until July 1994 (after transfer to Crosville Wales)

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In May 1925 Crosville began a service from Lampeter to Aberaeron using one vehicle based at Lampeter. There were four journeys on weekdays only.    The location of where this bus was kept is not known but the terminus for the service in Lampeter was the Black Lion.  Crosville often used such establishments as their initial location to base buses.   However from May 1926 the timetable shows that the frequency of the service had been reduced to just one journey and the bus would have been based at Aberaeron. In 1930 the service was increased to 3 journeys each weekday with that vehicle starting and finishing in Aberaeron. In June 1933 the service was significantly changed and the timetable shows 9 journeys in each direction which would have required one vehicle starting and finishing at Lampeter. However at the end of the summer in the October timetable the frequency was reduced by one to 8 journeys but the timings of the service was changed such that only one vehicle was required based at Aberaeron and therefore Lampeter was not used as an out-station for a further 40 years.   

In July 1934 Crosville bought the business of  J D Davies of Llangybi who had operated a service from Aberystwyth to Lampeter.  His garage premises on Tregaron Road, Llangybi was used as an out-station for a number of years and one bus started and finished at Llangybi working the this service from Lampeter into Aberystwyth. (see location Llangybi below) This situation continued until 1973 when the vehicle out-station was moved to the Cwmann area of Lampeter.

In April 1972 due to a reorganisation within the National Bus Company certain depots of Western Welsh and South Wales Transport (S.W.T.) were transferred to Crosville. Included was the S.W.T. out-station of Lampeter which was in the area known as Cwmann. This premises was once the Tivy Side Tannery. It was then used by Crosville as an out-station of Aberaeron. Two vehicles also transferred and became SAA983/4 (WKG282/3).

The out-station at Cwmann transferred to Crosville Wales in September 1986 and remained an out-station of Aberaeron until 1989 when it became an out-station of Aberystwyth. It ceased operation as an out-station in July 1994.

Under Arriva Cymru, at a later stage, an out-station was utilised in Lampeter at a different site in Barley Mow.

Lampeter out-station November 1986 - Photo Tony Moyes


Edge Lane, Old Swan, Liverpool. L13 1AB        

from April 1928 until August 1985

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Love Lane, Vauxhall, Liverpool. L3 7DD                 

from August 1985 until January 1987

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The Edge Lane depot was built during 1927 and opened in April 1928 and for over 50 years was the main depot in Liverpool.  It was extended in 1933 and further adjoining land was acquired in 1937.  Further developments were made in 1942 mainly to the maintenance facilities. Land across the road from the main depot was used during the 1960s for additional parking.

The allocation in 1947 was 67, in 1956 - 103, in 1959 - 101, in 1965 - 105 and in 1970 - 101. 

Further improvements were made to the depot in 1975.  

The location of the depot was not ideal in that it was some 3 miles from the City Centre and the Pier Head where most of the services terminated. 

An additional premises was acquired to carry out minor mechanical adjustments during the day. This was initially located at Wapping but later moved to Maddrell Street off Great Howard Street.

By 1985 it was decided that the Edge Lane premises was not suitable and new premises were found nearer the City Centre in Love Lane.  These premises in Love Lane were the former Tate and Lyle transport depot.  The transfer between Edge Lane and Love Lane occurred in August 1985.

The Edge Lane depot and land was sold and the depot demolished.  It is now a retail centre. 

The Love Lane depot was rented from the Merseyside Development Corporation. 

Shortly after the move to Love Lane the depot suffered from poor industrial relations and various disputes and strikes occurred.  As a result of these difficulties the depot was closed in January 1987.

The Love Lane depot has been demolished and houses stand on part of the land used.

Llandrindod Wells

Llanerch Hotel. Llanerch Lane, Llandrindod Wells    

from November 1924 until 1928

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Oxford Road, Llandrindod Wells                

from 1928 until 1956

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A depot was established in Llandrindod Wells at the Llanerch Hotel in November 1924. At least 3 vehicles were based here operating new services from the town to Rhayader, Builth Wells and Kington.

In 1928 the company moved the depot from the Llanerch Hotel to Oxford Road.  The allocation in 1947 and 1949 was 4 vehicles. In 1948 a shed was added to the depot. The depot was closed in 1956 when the services in the area were taken over by Cross Gates Motors.

The Llanerch Hotel has an extensive history and is one of the oldest in Llandrindod Wells, with parts reputedly surviving from the 16th century.  The frontage mostly dates from the early 19th century when the building was a coaching inn. Evidence of the former stables can be found at the side of the current inn. This was typical of the locations used by Crosville in its early days.  A fuller history of the building can be found <<HERE>>.  

The Llanerch Hotel still survives today as a Hotel and Restaurant.  

The former depot in Oxford Road still stands and has recently been used in connection with the motor trade.

Llandudno (Town)

Mostyn Broadway, Llandudno        

from August 1930 until June 1971

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Oxford Road, Llandudno                 

from February 1931 until June 1971

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The Mostyn Broadway depot came to Crosville on the takeover of North Wales Silver Motors in August 1930.  This depot became known as the Llandudno Town depot to distinguish it from the larger premises at Llandudno Junction.  In 1947 the allocation was 21,  in 1956 - 46, in 1959 - 39, in 1965 - 38 and in 1970 - 37.  In 1971 the allocation was down to 22 and the depot closed in June of that year. The work, staff and vehicles were transferred to Llandudno Junction  The depot building was demolished and the premises became a motor showroom and filling station.

The Oxford Road premises came to Crosville on the takeover of Royal Blue in February 1931 and these premises were used mainly for express services.  There was also a parking area for this coach station on the corner of Oxford Street and Argyll Road.  The building still survives and is a retail outlet.

Llandudno Junction

Imperial Buildings, Glan-Y-Mor Road, Llandudno Junction.  LL31 9RH        

from February 1931 until April 2013 (following transfer to Crosville Wales and later to Arriva Cymru)

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The depot in Llandudno Junction came to Crosville on the takeover of Royal Blue in February 1931.  The depot was expanded in 1937.  In 1947 the allocation was 47, in 1956 - 53, in 1959 - 46, in 1965 - 43 and in 1970 - 37.  The depot allocation increased significantly in 1971 following the closure of the Llandudno Town depot. 

The depot transferred to Crosville Wales in 1986 and became the Headquarters for the new company.  It transferred to Arriva Cymru in April 1998.  

It was closed in February 2013.  The Headquarters of Arriva Cymru transferred to Bangor and a new sub-depot was opened in the yard used by Alpine Travel in Builder Street, Llandudno.  

When put up for sale it was stated that the total site area comprises approximately 1.1 acres (0.47 Hectares) and consisted of a purpose built bus depot including offices, training rooms, garage and workshops equating to approximately 28,997sq.ft. 

The site remained dormant for a few years and in 2017 planning permission was granted for a new supermarket and the new Lidl store opened in July 2020.

As was the custom with some of the larger depots a Crosville Social Club was established at this depot.  The club is still located next to the Supermarket but now has the name 'The Crossings'.

Llanfair Caereinion

from 1933 until January 1981

Gibbet Road (B4389), Llanfair Caereinion        

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Pool Road (A458), Llanfair Caereinion        

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The Llanfair Caereinion out-station was inherited by Crosville following the takeover of Western Transport in 1933. This depot had been in existence since 1925 when the bus services were provided by the Great Western Railway.

It is known that there at least two locations used for the out-station. Dates of when they were used are not known. One was shared with Mid Wales Motorways at Gibbet Road (B4389) and another was in the surrounding area of the Railway Station near to the current A458 road. The allocation to this small depot has normally been 2 which is what was recorded in 1947, 1956 and 1959.  It was an out-station of the Oswestry depot.

The out-station closed in January 1981.  The area near to this former base for the buses currently forms part of the terminus of the Welshpool and Llanfair Light Railway.


Bridge Street, Llangefni LL77 7PW        

from January 1930 until January 1989 (after transfer to Crosville Wales)

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In January 1930 Crosville purchased the firm UNU (U Need Us) which had a depot in Bridge Street, Llangefni.  This depot was then used by Crosville.  In 1947 the allocation was 7 vehicles, in 1956 - 9, in 1965 - 9 and in 1970 - 8. 

Whilst it was closed for a short period before the transfer to Crosville Wales in 1986 the depot was used by the new company after transfer as an out-station of Bangor.  This Bridge Street depot was finally closed in January 1989 and premises at the Industrial Estate on Glanhwyfa Road was used for overnight parking.

The building in Bridge street still survives and is currently used by a furniture and carpet specialist.  


The Garage, Tregaron Road (A485), Llangybi, Lampeter        

from July 1934 until October 1973

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In July 1934 Crosville purchased the business of J D Davies of Llangybi that operated a service from Aberystwyth to Lampeter.  His garage premises on Tregaron Road, Llangybi was used as a depot by Crosville until 1973 when the vehicle out stationed was moved to Lampeter.

The exact location of this garage is currently not known.


Car Park (on B4391), Llangynog, Oswestry        

from 1933 until 1973

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The out-station, where one vehicle was parked overnight, was used by Western Transport before it was taken over by Crosville in 1933.  It continued to be used for the next 40 years and in 1973 the out-station was transferred to Llanrhaedr-ym-Mochnant.


Trewythen Arms Hotel, Great Oak Street, Llanidloes        

from October 1924 until 1950

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The Shed, Gro Car Park, Chapel Street, Llanidloes,          

from 1950 until December 1990 (after transfer to Crosville Wales and Arriva Cymru)

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A depot was established at Llanidloes in October 1924 when Crosville began services from the town to Newtown and also to Llangurig.  Initially only one bus was required but the following year this was increased to 2.  The depot was in a yard behind the Trywethen Hotel.

In about 1950 Crosville opened an office in China Street.

In 1952 the depot changed to ‘The Gro’ and buses were parked on the public car park at that location.  A building was erected for the drivers consisting of a shelter, office, driver's room and fuel store. This was given the formal title of 'The Shed'.  Later an office was established opposite the car park.

The allocation to the depot in 1947 was 2 vehicles.  During 1950 – 1960 it was 3 and in 1962 it increased to 4.

From 1964 the depot provided vehicles and drivers for Express Services such as the X71 to Cardiff, the X74 to Liverpool and the X75 to Manchester.  Despite the low number of vehicles it was classified as a depot and listed as such in the timetables. It was said to be Crosville's smallest depot. However in the later years it did not have a Depot Superintendent in charge, which was the normal situation for most depots within Crosville.  Instead it had a Leading Driver and a Clerk-in-Charge who happened to be husband and wife.  

It lost its status as a full depot in 1972 and became an out-station of Oswestry.  

It transferred to Crosville Wales as an out-station of Oswestry in 1986 and finally closed in December 1990 when the vehicles were transferred to Abermule.    

Llanllechid  - see Rachub  <<link>>


Park Street Car Park, Llanrhaeadr-ym-Mochnant

from February 1935 until 1986

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In February 1935 Crosville purchased the business of Iorweth Evans of Llanrhaeadr-ym-Mochnant involving two vehicles. From that date the village was used as an out-station until 1986 when the D79 Oswestry to Llangynog service passed to Tanat Valley Coaches.

Llanrhaedr-ym-Mochnant - out station November 1976 - Photo Bill Barlow


Adjacent to Post Office, Llanberis Road, Llanrug, Caernarfon

from March 1936 until about 1939

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Following the takeover by Crosville of D M Pritchard & Son in March 1936 the village of Llanrug was used as an out-station until about 1939.


Victoria Hotel Garage, Bridge Street, Llanrwst        

from 1923 until 1929

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Betws Road, Llanrwst LL25 OHE                 

from 1929 until October 2005 (following transfer to Crosville Wales then Arriva Cymru)

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The first depot in the Conwy valley was at Betws-y-Coed which was established in 1922 after the purchase of the firm W H Roberts (Roberts Blue Motors). This depot was moved from Betws-y-Coed to Llanrwst and the Victoria Hotel Garage was used. Initially there were 2 buses at the depot but the number gradually increased. 

In 1929 the firm of Royal Blue opened a new depot in Betws Road, Llanrwst and Crosville shared these premises. When in 1931 the business of Royal Blue was acquired by Crosville they then had exclusive use of the Llanrwst depot.   In 1956 the allocation was 13, in 1956 it was 17, in 1959 - 17, in 1965 - 11 and in 1970 - 6.  By 1968 half of the depot was rented out to tyre fitters, Jones Brothers.  At the end of the summer 1968 the status of the depot was reduced to an out-station of Llandudno Town initially but this became Llandudno Junction when the Town depot closed in June 1971.

The depot transferred to Crosville Wales in 1986 as an out-station of Llandudno Junction.  It also transferred to Arriva Cymru but was closed by October 2005. 

The premises is now exclusively used for motor vehicle repairs.