CEC Tour August 2021

Page 2 - Bala

1. At its inception, the new trunk routes D93/4 from Wrexham to Barmouth did not have earmarked vehicles but in 1967 came six short dual-purpose Bristol RESLs, of which ERG3 survives, preserved by Clive Myers. This is a view of it in 1976 heading for Barmouth out of Dolgellau. (AM).

2. Two Optare Deltas were bought for D94 (94 after deregulation) in 1989. SDD 701 is seen in Aberystwyth in 1994 during a short period when the western terminus of 94 was switched to Aberystwyth rather than Barmouth ; the original arrangement was restored later that year. (AM)

3. Under Arriva Cymru following a Welsh Government re-vamp in 2005, the now X94 was generally worked by one of ten VDL/Wright Commander sds assigned to this, the Bangor-Aberystwyth, and Aberystwyth-Carmarthen axes. 2513 is in Bala High Street, near the Badell Aur stop. (AM)

4. How the High Street bus stops have been described in timetables has varied over the years, though their physical locations generally have not - all were within 200 metres of each other. Sometimes they were inaccurate, unless vehicles picked up and set down on the wrong side of the road. Gary’s Salon is still around, has been on S4C but has relocated..

5. Of Crosville’s lesser routes, that to Arenig lasted amongst the longest. Latterly, the normal fare would be SRGs from Corwen ; here is SRG 88 in 1981. (AM)

6. Crosville also ran a rail-replacement route to Llanwchllyn via Llangower, for which minibuses were specified. It started in 1965 but ended in 1971. The dedicated Commer SCP 2, based at Corwen, also covered Saturday workings on other Bala locals, as here, in November 1970. (AM)

7. From 1976 to 1986 the Uwchaled Community Bus ran, crewed by volunteers but owned and maintained by Crosville from Corwen. One timetabled route was between Cerrig-y-Druidion and Bala on Thursdays. This Bedford CFL was its second vehicle, new in 1980, Crosville fleet number MRB 702 and was outside the NatWest Bank in April 1981. It wore NBC red livery. (AM)

8. Crosville Cymru held some Bala school contracts after deregulation. In 1989 one was secured to Rhosygwalia and Llandderfel needing a smaller vehicle for which a second-hand Bedford VAS was bought in March 1989. It was seen leaving Ysgol y Berwyn in July that year, lasting till January 1991 (AM)

9. Some of the Corwen area contracts were lost to Vale of Llangollen after deregulation. Their ex Inter Valley Link Leyland Atlantean/East Lancs dd NUH39M was leaving Ysgol y Berwyn in July 1989. (AM)

10. Subsequently GHA took on these dd contracts. Ex Eastern Counties Bristol VR VEX 299X heads back to Betws Gwerfil Goch after an inward working to Ysgol y Moelwyn in October 2000. (AM)

11. Williams of Bala briefly took on work on the 94 in 1986 but by 1989 was in receivership. Under new ownership it secured the tender for Bala local services, labelled “69” for a while. This included the circular to Parc to be followed today. The related school contracts were numbered in the 690s. Mercedes E795 CGA seen in the 1990s. (AM)