CEC Tour August 2021

Page 6 - Blaenau Ffestiniog

1. Crosville’s new Blaenau Ffestiniog depot under construction circa 1963. (CMS)

2. Blaenau Ffestiniog depot opening day, 3rd April 1964 : covered accommodation left, workshops right (CMS)

3. Depot in use, 1965 : Lodekkas DLG 807 and DLB 736 (full blinds, wrongly set) under cover. (AM)

4. Depot in use, February 1982. The main building has been removed. SLL 630, Sherpa van BMA 942S and two ERGs, possibly 286 and 277, are visible. The Oakeley slate tips, a former railway incline and the quarrymen’s path are etched in snow. (AM)

5. Maldwyn Jones Bristol VR PRR 116L at the yard on the other side of the LMS railway line, 21st October 1986. Crosville Cymru had six from the same batch ex East Midland (AM)

6. The ex-Maldwyn Jones yard enlarged and modernised as the base for Express Motors operations before the development of Penygroes, 1990s : Bristol REs NBD 284G and VWT 680L can be seen. (AM)

7. An unidentified CMG on the Stwlan Dam road, probably at the opening of the scheme. (CMS)

8. Leyland National SNL 659 at the Stwlan Dam, on the R40 Stwlan-Slate Mines service, pre-1986. (Tony Kent)

9. Crosville CLL 332 on a private hire from Aberystwyth pausing on the Stwlan Dam road, October 1982. (AM)

10. As a continuing occupant of the 1964 Crosville depot site, John’s Travel deserves mention. Solo LIG 1621 turns at Dolrhedyn, at the bottom of the Stwlan road, on the Blaenau Clipa local service, 5th January 2019 (AM)

11. John’s Dart Y4 WMS at Eurospar, Blaenau Ffestiniog on the 37, heir to Crosville’s R37 Blaenau local service.

12. The former Crosville depot site was a holding area for Express Motors vehicles following that company’s demise. On 2nd January 2018 visible were Spectra dd EM04 ORS, Solos EM05 ORS and YJ66 APO, and MAN/East Lancs sd YN03 YBB. (AM)